• Bando the Lame

    Bando the Lame

    Halfling custodian of the Shrine of Tymora
  • Delfen Yellowknife

    Delfen Yellowknife

    Daggerford's resident wizard, age unknown
  • Derval Ironeater

    Derval Ironeater

    Best blacksmith in Daggerford.
  • Duke Pryden Daggerford

    Duke Pryden Daggerford

    Duke of Daggerford, 45 years old.
  • Gwydion pen Dafwyd

    Gwydion pen Dafwyd

    (GWID-ee-on pen DAV-ud) Age 62, Wizard to the Duke of Daggerford, human male
  • Kelson Darktreader

    Kelson Darktreader

    Age 55, Master of the Duke'’s Hunt, half-elf male
  • King of Laughing Hollow

    King of Laughing Hollow

    King of the Wood Elves in the Laughing Hollow. No one has ever survived to tell more of him.
  • Lady Bronwyn Daggerford

    Lady Bronwyn Daggerford

    Duke Pryden's only daughter. 25 years old. Charming and comely. Rumoured to be a wizard apprenticed to Court Wizard Gwydion. Has recently returned from a stint of adventuring in the south.
  • Lord Llewellyn Longhand

    Lord Llewellyn Longhand

    42 years old. Master of Arms. Has been retainer of the Dukes of Daggerford since the time of Duke Conan, father of Pryden.
  • Lord Pwyll Daggerford

    Lord Pwyll Daggerford

    Youngest son of Duke Pryden. 22 years old. Aspiring adventurer.
  • Lord Tarn Urmbrusk

    Lord Tarn Urmbrusk

    An emigré from Waterdeep and rumoured to have the deepest pockets in Daggerford. Lord Urmbrusk has helped many locals who have found themselves short of money with a loan or two.
  • Marquess Merovy Daggerford

    Marquess Merovy Daggerford

    Eldest son of Duke Pryden, styled Marquess of Calandor. 27 years old. A seasoned adventurer along the upper Delimbyr River.
  • Robar


    Once a lowly procurer of potion and spell components in the Lizard Marsh, lately risen to fame after single-handedly slaying a black dragon. Sometimes shares the glory with Robar's Reavers, his squires and backing band.
  • Sherlyn Spearslayer

    Sherlyn Spearslayer

    Commander of the Daggerford militia. Stern, extremely fair.
  • Sir Elorfindar Floshin of the House of Long Silences

    Sir Elorfindar Floshin of the House of Long Silences

    Venerable male gold elf. Most significant and friendliest elven lord in the Daggerford region.