Delfen Yellowknife

Daggerford's resident wizard, age unknown


Delfen Yellowknife came to Daggerford from the East some ten years ago. Passing adventurers have identified him as having a good reputation as an adventurer in distant Iriaebor, but how he came to effectively retire in Daggerford is a question he has never felt the need to answer. His name of Yellowknife might come from the gold-trimmed magic dagger he bears— or it might not.

He is swarthier and shorter than the usual in the Daggerford area, but has an agreeable and easy manner. There is no sign of age in his features, but everyone knows that some magicians can control the aging process. Delfen never dwells on his past, but is always ready to help his new friends of Daggerford and has an excellent reputation in the town. He refuses to create and sell potions or enchanted items.

Delfen is always ready to teach, in as much as he can, and has three or four apprentices in constant attendance.

Delfen Yellowknife

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