Sir Elorfindar Floshin of the House of Long Silences

Venerable male gold elf. Most significant and friendliest elven lord in the Daggerford region.


In keeping with their usual preference for open spaces, there are no elves living in Daggerford. However, some do work as foresters and hunters in the surround- ing territory. Mostly, they are Moon elves.

However, Sir Elorfindar Floshin is a Gold Elf with a friendly interest in humans who decided to stay when most of the Fallen Kingdom moved out a thou- sand years ago. His father had been one of the elves instrumental in inviting humans in to aid the Fallen Kingdom and Elorfindar feels a family responsibility to watch over the humans.

Sir Elorfindar’’s estate is between Waterdeep and Daggerford and he has served the humans of the Waterdeep area in his fashion for centuries. His Gold Elven wife stayed with him in his self- imposed exile and died two hundred years ago after presenting him with four children over six centuries. He has since taken three human wives from the nobility of Waterdeep and had several more children.

Since he took up residence among humans, Sir Elorfindar has employed several Moon Elves in his retinue who have both bred among themselves and with humans. Many of both Elorfindar’’s and his followers’ children have stayed with the noble elf, but others have made their own way in the area as adventurers, soldiers, and even farmers and craftsmen.

Sir Elorfindar has also always been a good friend of his close neighbor, the Duke of Daggerford. He no longer teaches magic, but his three magic-using children do, as do their descendants and his other followers. His four children are Filvendor Lightfoot, a wizard, Shalendra Dare-all, a cavalier, Elorshin Highthought, a cleric/magic-user in the service of Tyr, and Darfin Longwalker, a magic-user/fighter and Elorfindar’s heir.

Sir Elorfindar Floshin of the House of Long Silences

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