the latest gossip & rumours about town


1. Less than a tenday ago a group of boorish young Waterdhavian nobles entered the Laughing Hollow for sport and hunting after getting bored of ‘slumming it’ in Daggerford. Locals know better than to trespass in the elf-infested forest lest they court the wrath of the King of Laughing Hollow. No one expects the youths to return, and given their many unpaid debts and broken flagons left in town, no one wishes it either.

2. Word is that Duke Pryden’s youngest son Lord Pwyll is itching after an adventuring career now that his older sister Lady Bronwyn has returned from her first campaign. The Duke’s eldest son Marquess Merovy has carved quite a reputation along the Delimbyr River up to Secomber. It is said that he plans some day to explore the upper reaches of the Unicorn Run. Tattle has it that Lord Tarn Urmbrusk has shown interest in financing such an expedition.

3. A caravan, or what remained of it, limped into Daggerford yesterday up south from the Trade Way. Talk is that a ‘monstrous’ group of bandits has started raiding trade somewhere between Daggerford and the Way Inn. One of the survivors is recovering at the Lady Luck Tavern. He swears it was ‘ogres, gnolls or the like’. This is the third such caravan to have gone missing. Others have spoken of a ‘ghostly moaning’ accompanying the raids.

4. There’s talk that the Zhentarim have been spotted near Daggerford. Its unusual to find them so far west what with their war in the Moonsea and all. Luckily Robar put them all to the sword. The man just slew a dragon single-handedly, the Zhentarim are nothing. Daggerford is blessed to have him.

5. Lord Llewellyn, Master of Arms, was overheard grumbling about the Duke. Seems the Duke is none too happy with the proposal by Piergeiron Paladinson, the Open Lord of Waterdeep, to increase Waterdeep’s military presence in Daggerford. Llewellyn thinks we need all the help we can get what with Cromm’s Hold in ruins and dragons and such. A practical man, Llewellyn takes after the old Duke Conan, Tymora rest his soul. …You do know what they say about the two of them, don’t you?

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