Off to Laughing Hollow


The party pokes through Daggerford’s current clack, turns down the plea to investigate caravan raids to the south, and instead strikes out to track down some Waterdhavian nobles who had reportedly gone missing in the Laughing Hollow.

The adventurers also hope to meet the wood elf King of Laughing Hollow, who is rumoured to dislike intruders.

Setting out from Daggerford, they spend the better part of the day trekking to the Laughing Hollow. Near dusk they spy a squat stronghold known as Black Helm Tower, home to a High Herald.

Just as mountaineers climb a mountain “because it’s there”, so do adventurers attempt breaking and entry into private property “because it’s there”.

Ingun conducted an augury to determine if it was wise to proceed. Despite the result of Woe the party resolved to enter.

Black Helm Tower was guarded by a magical mist in its courtyard filled with Helmed Horrors. Despite tying themselves to a single rope the adventurers manage to survive the mist but fail to penetrate the magically-sealed doors of the tower. Looting was foiled by teardrop-shaped impressions in the ground floor door and the trap door on the roof. Kit managed to snag a rather oversized shield from a fallen Horror.

Tactical Innovation: Shilleagh and the Help action proved remarkably effective in bringing down the highly resistant Helmed Horrors.

Battered, the party rested the night before descending to the Hollow.

Entering the forest via the riverbank the party ran into some pixies in a mushroom glade. Pixies being pixies they pranked and giggled and eventually vanished from sight when the adventurers lost their sense of humour.

Travelling further down the river the party passed under a living arch formed by trees leaning over the Delimbyr. With this, they left the Realms and entered the Feywild.

A quick test of the stability of the portal revealed that moments in the Feywild were possibly hours, or longer, in the Realms. When they entered it was mid-afternoon, when they stepped back through it was night.

Unperturbed, the adventurers were set to carry on until they heard the thunderous footsteps of hill giant who had come down to the river to slake his thirst. Hiding from view they let Sutha the polymorphed lizardfolk ranger fast talk the dim-witted brute to showing them any signs of humans.

Deciding that Sutha didn’t seem tasty GRRRnch the hill giant led her to a small (by hill giant standards) cottage where he dwelt with another of his race and two ogres. The rest of the party followed behind.

GRRRnch’s hill giant companion decided to cook Sutha by throwing her in the cooking pot. Luckily the ranger managed to avoid falling in, deftly drank a potion of invisibility and hoped for the giants to start arguing over where she had gone and whether or not to eat her.


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