What In The Feywild??? Part 2


Lady Twilight was obviously an Archfey of dread power. The others were somewhat hesitant to enter into an alliance with Lady Twilight – she asked us to join her in a war with some “Stormlord” character, who seemed to rule the Feywild equivalent of the Prime’s Mount Illefarn –

But, you know: POWER.

Also: a way to raise our dead druid servant Einnor, via a magic cauldron – held, Lady Twilight informed us, by an ancient wyrm somewhere out there, in a magic fog.

So more questing, more legwork. We walked to a ravine, and down into it, down its sides, into a hedge maze. We fought spiders and giant crickets. And then: the dragon.

Our parley was fitful. Here even the bard Pari faltered, fazed by its imperious manner. Dragons are difficult, I’ll admit. Its ancient guile and emerald armour, its uncaring talons and flashing, magical eye. It triggered in me a prey instinct.

Oh, the weakness of flesh! How I wish I were as my master: beyond such material concerns!

Thankfully, we managed not to fight dread Verdestrix. Lady Twilight seems to have some sort of control over vegetable matter, and the seed pod we were to offer the dragon conveyed her consciousness; functioning like a communication device.

Terms were agreed to, and soon we were lugging a bulky cauldron back up the ravine. The fey-queen was good on her word: a ritual and Einnor’s soul had rejoined his body, and he was back among the ambulatory.

(This resurrection mechanism requires more study. It seems to bypass the high theoretical work usually required for plane-crossing thaumaturgy.)

We are now sworn allies of Lady Twilight and her war against the Stormlord. I don’t care about Feywild politics. Fey POWER, on the other hand …

Evaluation of my allies continue. Kit: useful, and our values align. Pari: useful, and though sentimental willing to listen to reason. Sutha and Einnor: useful, for their wilderness expertise and for being bodies between me and the messy beasts.

PS: Ia! Ia! etc.


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